Thursday, February 7, 2008

all angles

I didn't get my snacks in the previous post like I said I would, I didn't want to deal with the formatting. I ate this plum around 10:15 am

These come with two granola bars in a pack. I used one yesterday in my plain yogurt for some flavor and crunch, and I ate the other one this morning.

Lunch! Today I packed a salad, I love salads for lunch, although I usually end up hungry a little earlier.
In the Salad:
Baby spinach
1 roma tomato
1 carrot
1/2 a BIG red bell pepper
and left over steak from last night!
Dressing: splash olive oil, splash balsamic vinegar and a tsp of minced garlic.
I bought this container, it's specifically designed for salad, I should have taken a picture of the lid. It has a little place to put your dressing. With the lid on, you twist it and the dressing falls into the container, and then you shake it up to toss it. It doesn't work as well as it's designed too (although it may be user error!), but it's big and holds a lot.
As you can see I also had a whole wheat pita for some carbs...

And from the side...this makes it look more compact, but it really did feel like A LOT of food.

Also, I bought some grapes on my lunch hour. I read the price wrong, I thought they were 2.50 per bag. Uh no. Wrong. There were $2.50 per POUND....I paid $7.50 for grapes.