Friday, February 22, 2008


I know this is from yesterday, but I actually got pictures of let's just pretend that it's still last night!

LARABAR for favorite flavor!!!

And dinner....I didn't realize picture was so bad! anyway, I actually wasn't starving when I got home, and couldn't decide what to make for dinner. Scott almost had me convinced that we should go out and get a pizza...but I held out. Mostly because I wanted some non restaraunt food.
So, I made some arborio rice in the rice cooker using organic chicken stock for liquid. It turned out really well! I add that to a broken up turkey burger and left over mixed steamed veggies. Yum!


Romina said...

Mmmm... Larabars. They're like junk food, but without the guilt!

Allison said...

I know..the Chocolate Coconut ones are truly like desert!

Anonymous said...

Hi. You're the Fan of the Day on the LARABAR Blog. Please email me at

*Kelly* said...

Wow...congrats on being fan of the day. That's pretty cool. I finally broke down and found a local health food store that sells the Larabars. I only bought one...and the first bite threw me for a loop. To be honest, I almost spit it out, as the texture was definitely not what I was expecting. But I forged ahead, and by the second bite, I thought to myself, "So this is what Miss Allison has been raving about." The remaining 4 bites took me roughly 10 seconds...and the rest was history! =)