Thursday, February 21, 2008

for the love of protein

So, one of my problems with always wanting to eat on a that my mind thinks my body is hungry..on that matter what.

We had a big lunch, and wasn't covered in melted cheese (boo hoo) but platters that consisted of: chimichangas, taquitos, hard shell tacos, flautas, and quesadillas...still not the picture of health. I ate..a little of everything, excpet a chimichanga, and it was good. I ended my "meal" with a slice of strawberry cheesecake, that my friends, was worth every creamy calorie. It was good cheesecake. Not the crappy kind that you can buy in the grocery store deli section that look good, but then don't taste that good, this one...was great.

And I was full, stuffed even. but now, it's 2:30, and my mind knows that 3:00 is snacktime!
Now....i'm not ruling out that i'll be hungry for snack this afternoon, most of my lunch was carbs and fat. And while it's true that most people consume too much protein, but I need protein to make my carbs and fat work for me. And in retrospect...lunch was lacking in the protein dept. Infact, today has been low in protein in general...ah..the plot thickens.

We still have half a sheet cake left...buttercream frosting provides healthy protein right?