Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I stil feel stuffed, and i've decided that I'm leaving work at not that early!
I had this tangelo around was super super juicy.
Apparently today is the day of gross meal pictures. I've really been trying to use up leftovers in my lunches, and aside from my carrot sticks..this whole meal is leftovers.

Green beans (frozen) and veggie refried beans with chicken and cheese,although you can't see the chicken. Before I was focusing on healthy eating, I always bought canned veggies, well and fresh, but mostly canned. I wasn't raised on canned veggies, in fact the only time I ever got canned green beans was at camp, and I thought they were so delicious..I was the only little girl who wanted 3rds on green beans. Anyway, I bought frozen green beans this week and made them with the pasta we had last night. My husband took one bite, and spit them out! I was totally amazed...he loves both raw fresh green beans and the canned variety. Apparently I'll be eating these on my own (I think they taste just like the fresh raw ones).

I also had a carrot cut up into round out the veggie intake.
I know i'm missing some sort of whole grain with this meal, but I didn't want to pack a piece of bread, and when I reached for my last pita it hold mold on it. Boo!