Wednesday, February 27, 2008

how do I love thee..

It's amazing how quickly your body adjusts to healthy eating! Let's just say that my functions weren't quite right with the high amounts of fat I ate in vegas!

Lunch today was my old standby veggie container, the last bit of the navy bean dip that I made last week (I had to use it up, too good to throw away!), a mini whole wheat bagel (the last one from last weeks bag, but I bought a new bag for this week!) and a can of Amy's Organic Low Sodium/ Low Fat tomato soup, which didn't make it into the picture, as it was in the microwave.

But here is a pic of the can! Exciting I know.
The high volume of food of this lunch has kept me full pretty long. Oh, and I also had two Nature's Path Chocolate Chip Cookies.
I'm not sure what I'm going to make for dinner. This week will be pretty simple, lots of cleaning out the fridge. Gotta love the end of the month! My husband has a job interview this afternoon after he gets off work, he quit his job and his last day is Friday, but a great opportunity kind of fell in his lap for a new job that would start pretty much right away! He had his first interview yesterday, and they wanted him back for a second interview before the boss leaves on vacation next week. I'm hoping this works out, his current job was fine, but the boss was really unethical. If he gets this position, he won't be commuting 80 miles each day, and I think the company is a little bit better. I'm really trying not to get my hopes up, but it's hard!
The whole point of that paragraph was that I"m pretty sure dinner will be on my own, and I'm not sure if Scott will get something during his interview or not....hmm..maybe a pasta dish that will keep well. Or maybe I should just wait dinner for him...