Wednesday, February 27, 2008

oh no...

On the first day of the week (generally monday) I spend the second half of my lunch break at the only store in the area that has a "health foods" section. I stock up on Kashi granola bars, LARABARs (love love love) and anything else that I've decided to try (read: flax, plain yogurt, frozen pizzas made with rice crust). Well, after reading about these in a few blogs, and seeing them on the shelves...I decided to buy a box of these instead of Kashi TLC somethings.
Bad plan. They. Are. So. Good. Like candy. Candy, but healthy good for you, organic, no junk, no HFCS candy. Why don't they make the adult Clif Bars taste like this? seriously.

While I very much enjoyed this bar, it might be a trigger kind of food for me because it is so delicious. While I've come a long way on not binging everything sweet (as is evidence by the fact I've had THE SAME box of cookies for over a month) I'm not totally cured, and seriously right after I finished this..I almost ate another one.


Lacey said...

i love these too! and i'm the same way with my triggers. i like the choc chip Z-bar the best, have you tried that one? :) i'm so torn between the advice to indulge reasonably so as to not be overly restrictive... and indulging that turns into... over-indulging! hehe. ohhhh, life. have a great day :)

Allison said...

I haven't tried the choc. chip ones yet, although I was trying to decide between those and these peanut butter ones in the store yesterday.

I know what you mean about being torn...learning how to eat intuitively can be tough!

*Kelly* said...

Stay away from the fudge brownie...they are deadly! I'm also a huge fan of the Z Bar, and refused to buy it because I'll inhale them like air.