Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Presidents Day

One of the best parts of my job is that I get all of the national holidays can't beat that! I guess one could, one could be a teacher!

I slept in until 9 (love it) and got up for a peanutbutter and jelly pita roll up before my work out.
My work out went well, my first day back to the gym since my cold last week....and it was great. 25 mins walking hills on the treadmill and then 20 mins cross training on the elliptical. I was driving home from the gym..I got a speeding ticket! Damn! I forgot that the speed limit was reduced from 65 to 55 for construction (even though they do the construction at night), and i was crusing along enjoying life going 73 (according to the cop, I thought I was only going 70) either way...speeding. And I got ticketed! Such is life....

For lunch I made my self a tuna and spinach pita..although my pita's are just on the verge of stale and it didnt' roll just kind of broke everywhere. I made my usual tuna salad recipe but added red peppers too. The carrots and peppers that didn't go in the pita, I just ate on the side.
Well, I was going to go shopping...but after paying a 91 dollar speeding ticket....there goes my shopping budget! Oh well..


Karen said...

Oh no! A speeding ticket? Uggg. Great job at the gym this morning!

Jeff said...

Bummer about your speeding ticket...

Do you know how the officer determined your speed, ie. radar, laser, pacing, etc.? I have a blog about speeding tickets you might be interested in at where I offer tips and other information for folks who got busted with their first speeding ticket.

Have you considered fighting the ticket?


Allison said...

I won't fight it...
I was speeding, 73 in a 55 mph construction zone. I'm pretty sure the defense of " I forgot it was a construction zone" wouldn't fly in court.
And sadly..this isn't my first speeding ticket!