Tuesday, February 12, 2008

gonna be a doozy!

ok, I'm a this has quite a bit of time covered in one post...

Let's think all the way back to yesterday afternoon. I got hungry for my snack around 2:30.
I had plain yogurt with one spoonfull of raspberry yogurt mixed in.

My stomach started talking to me again about 4:45. I ate this CLIF nectar bar so I didn't eat everything in site in the kitchen while I was making dinner. This bar was REALLY good, I loved how chocolate-y it was.

And grocery shopping. I know the picture isn't the best but this week I purchased:
Corn Chex (for my husband)
a frozen pizza--again for the husband
1% milk
organic honey yogurt--this says that it's both "honey" and "plain" hmmm
granny smith apples
red and green bell peppers
one huge sweet potato
2 loaves of all natural bread
natures valley granola bars (again with the husband)
arborio rice
free range eggs
1 bag baby spinach
yellow mustard
spicy brown mustard
1 kiwi
whole wheat macaroni
and pretzles....I think that is everything!

Ok, on to this morning. I didn't go to the gym, because I'm coming down with a cold! Ick. The last time that I was only "starting to feel bad" I still went to the gym and ended up getting sick for like 3 days. I decided that I felt well enough to do my strength work out (body by glamour; month 2) at home, but that I didn't want to subject my self to the germy gym! It was my first time with this workout and it was tough! LOTS of lunges (which I loathe) so I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow.
After my shower I had a brilliant idea....take my multivitamin (that I'm notorious for forgetting) and it will be super great for me since I'm sick. Well I took it, and I went about my day, forgetting that I also meant to eat a few bites of bread with it, so that my vitamins weren't sitting on an empty stomach. Well..I got so into my morning routine..and consequently ended up getting sick to my stomach.
I don't reccomend this by the way.
So breakfast was only a piece of toast with peanut butter and jelly. I also had the heel of the loaf right after I got sick to get some food in. Combined with 4 oz of orange juice, I think the calories aren't that much different than an oatmeal morning when it comes down to it.'s weigh in day. A different post on that later!