Tuesday, February 12, 2008

full of FAT

Well my toast actually held me over pretty well, I was hungry about 10:30 am.
I had this apple, it's a "pink lady" These are some of my favorite apples. And I love my nalgene. I know people feel like they smell (which mine doesn't) or that the water tastes like plastic...but I don't experience that either...and it's great for knowing how much water you are intaking.
I had this Kashi bar about 20 mins later.. . the apple only made me hungrier!

I live in a city that has a dairy farming background, and each year the city has "Dairy Days" in one of the city parks. My co-worker who usually goes to the Dairy Days meeting couldn't I got to go instead. They handed out little presents! A "milk lover" luggage tag, and this little piece of chocolate shaped like lips!-I ate the chocolate around 11:50, don't worry it didn't spoil my lunch!
Lunch, was pretty high in two things: fiber and fat! Good fat though! I had some vegetarian refried beans with an avacado (an organic one on sale for only $1.25!). I also had a whole wheat tortilla, and a whole cut up carrot and a whole cut up red bell pepper.

Right now( 2:37pm) I'm having some peppermint tea in hopes of burning all the little germies in my throat. I know..wishful thinking....i'm sure the germs will persevere through my tea!
Trusty Starbucks cup!