Thursday, February 14, 2008

a different sort of morning...

Happy Valentines Day!
I really love Valentines Day, and my husband hates it! We compromise by not celebrating on Valentines Day, although we still do buy eachother small gifts, sometimes I get flowers and we always have a special meal. I would say our Best Valentines Day was last year when we were on our honeymoon in mexico. It worked out perfectly, and we were able to get reservations at the "nice" (they were all nice) restaurant at our resort. Nothing can beat spending a day at the beach, taking a nap, and then going out to dinner with the one you love for V-day. ahh...I would love to be in mexico right now drinking bad for me drinks!

But, I'm not. I'm in back to reality.
Last night, I knew that we would'nt get home from our movie until late so I made breakfast and lunch and everything the night before. I didn't feel like oatmeal so I tried something new...
I call them Peanutbutter Pita Roll Ups! It's really just a pita with peanutbutter and jelly smeared on it, rolled up and cut in half. I found these pitas at the store last night...they are whole wheat and dont' have any HFCS! After my last batch of pita's got moldy so quickly, I have to eat these up pretty quick! I also had a tangelo.

I can already tell that this isn't going to keep me full for as long as oatmeal, and that is ok.

I've still been avoiding the gym in the hopes of getting over my cold quickly. I'm feeling much better today!