Monday, February 11, 2008

back to the grind.

Monday mornings are always so busy! I remember all of the things I need to do, that I procrastinated about the previous week.

I want to apologize for the lack of weekend posting. This weekend was just so relaxing, I didn't want to go near my computer.
The breakfast we made for my in-laws turned out well, I tried a fantastic blueberry muffin recipe that I got from super good.

Ok, on to Monday's breakfast:
We didn't go grocery shopping yesterday, I offered to go tonight while my husband works on one of his classes, but due to that, my only option for fruit with my oatmeal was grapes! I got a little happy with the cinnamon this morning, so the oatmeal is really dark, but walnuts have returned! I actually did end up putting the grapes into the oatmeal, and it actually was quite good.

Also, the difference between walnuts and almonds is pretty big. It's 10am, and I'm still full.

It still isn't snowing here, HURRAY! I made it to the gym, and did 20 mins on the stat. bike and 20 mins walking up hill on the treadmill.


Karen said...

Totally! Walnuts leave me feeling full for a lot longer than any other nut. They are fabulous!