Wednesday, January 16, 2008


My camera comes today! I'm so super super super excited!!! I've been stalking it on watching it come closer and closer. Its "out for delivery" in the town I live in now! Woot. my only drawback to not working where I live, is that there is NO way I can be home for the delivery. I really really really hope that they will just leave it on the step, even though it is kind of expensive. :S.

So hopefully, pictures of dinner tonight. (which I am ashamed to say, will be a Kashi frozen pizza with veggies) we have NO food, and we promised our selves we would go grocery shopping tonight after dinner. Ok we have food, but nothing to make a complete meal, and some heinous things like Rice-a-roni. Ick.

Last night we had a DELICOUS dinner. We copied Kath and her husband ( and had black beans over sweet pototoes last night. Seriously...good. I did the sweet potatoes in the microwave, while those were cooking I dumped a can of black beans in a pot, with some chopped garlic, onions, nutmeg, tabasco, chili powder, a dash of salt. SOO GOOD. we also had brown rice on the side. We didn't have any butter, so I tried a little splash of olive oil with a pinch of salt...SO GOOD. Ok, enough about how great my dinner was. was.

And this morning, my oats have really held me. it's 11:05 and I haven't even felt like I needed a snack! I am having hot tea now (with a little skim milk). I think I might eat my veggies around 11:40, and then head to the pharm and the store..before coming back for leftovers for lunch.

Tomorrow is weigh in day....I'm pretty sure I'll see a loss. Slowly and surely the weight is coming off as I really focus on being healthy.


Karen Downing said...

I've been wanting to try Kath's sweet potatoes and black beans, sounds yummy!

Allison said...

So super delicious, try them as SOON as you can!