Tuesday, January 15, 2008

weighing in on lunch...and life

Well, I ended up going to the gorcery store and grabbbing a "chicken florentine" frozen meal by Kashi. I wish I worked closer to the co-op. There is a natural foods market here, in the town I work in, but they dont' have a salad bar or anything. :( .

At the grocery store, I got one more sweet potato for dinner tonight, my kashi meal, a little 1% milk for my tea and coffe (no more processed creamer for me!), and I found....individual plain yogurts! I could only find them in big containers at a different store this week, and I didn't want to purchase it until I could find some that I really like. They only had store brand..but man oh man was it good. A little sweeter than I remember plain yogurt being, so it might have had a little sugar added. but..very creamy and low fat to boot! I added a crumbled up Kashi TLC Toasted grains granola bar into it. the perfect ending to my lunch, and I only JUST got hungry. It's 3pm now. Usually I start getting hungry about 2:30-2:45. I would like to buy a bigger container and then take my yogurt in small tupperware, better for the environment. Now that i'm 100% sure that they dont' sell Fage in this area, I'm going for it.

Also, Weigh-in. Is Thursday. My old weigh in day was Tues. and I just can't quite break my self of this I weighed in this morning and I was down to 240! Minus 2 pounds. This could be due to eating less yesterday, or starting my period..but it is what inspired me to go to the gym....hard work is what makes us healthy!