Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dancin in the streets!

Well, Yesterday's mexican food lunch did not hold me too well. i was hungry right at 3pm, as per usual, and had a Kashi bar. Pretty good, but I was starving for dinner when I got home at 5:20.

We were heading to the theater at 6:30, so I just had a little bit of time to get dinner together. We are also low on groceries, and I won't be getting to the store till tonight. We had a little bit of left over organic semolina pasta, and some ricotta cheese that needed to be used up before the end of the month. So I tried Jenna's recipe for parmesan ricotta pasta. It was pretty good, although I didn't salt or pepper it, in my hurry to get dinner done. My husband I both eat about 2 cups of veggies at work, which makes it easier to have less at dinner (tricks him into eating more) so I just steamed some broccoli and threw it in with the pasta, when i was tossing it with the sauce. Turned out pretty well...I think it could use a little blue cheese or something...just a little bit for that bite! It didn't hold me, or my husband, as we both were hungry at 10:30 when we got home. I had a handful of chex mix, with 1/4 cup milk, and he had a whole bowl of cereal, and then we went to bed.

This morning I had the same oatmeal, banana, almonds...pretty good, but it's 10:02 now, and I can feel the hunger creeping in.
I didn't get a chance to make my own lunch today, but I did get my veggies cut. I'm going to snack on them till lunch. I think I might go get a Kashi frozen entree...they are good and fast, and much better than burgerking..or even subway!

My camera should be here tomorrow! According to ups it is "out for deliver" from salt lake, which is six hours away.
can't wait for the pictures to start!