Friday, January 18, 2008

what to do about weekends....

These little Kashi bars are what I've been putting in my plain yogurt this week. There are two bars in a pack. I ate one bar about an hour after my lunch, and the second bar about an hour after that, with a cup of English Breakfast tea in between.

I just got glasses for the computer...they are super cute, but the case? It looks like a giant pepto-bismol pill. Ick!

I think I will have a LARABAR on the way home, or if I cand hold out, I will snack on some veggies during my dinner prep. I didn't plan to well for today at all. Next monday on my lunch break, I will be going to the store for sure, to stock up on plain yogurts, they held me so well and gave me extra protein. I know that is what I am missing today. boo.

Tonight we are having whole wheat pasta with home made spaghetti sauce. I might throw a little ground beef in there for some protein.

After that we are heading out to our new favorite friday night spot; Market Limone. Tonight they are having a microbrew tasting. I think I'm going to stick with wine. It's six dollars a glass, for ANY kind...doesn't matter how much the bottle costs! That should be fun, hopefully I remember the camera!

So, about weekends...I think I'm going to do a weekend wrap up...similar to what Cristin does on her Eatlikeme blog. I spend so much time infront of the computer during the week, that I just can't bring my self to spend too much time infront of it on weekends. Well, except to check facebook of course! :)


I'll start on Monday said...

Hey Miss Allison,

Add me add me!! Thanks for showing me the link to this site...I've been using LiveJournal for years, but had to make the move here after taking a look at your blog. (I love the fact that you can add pics...and this is much more user friendly.) Thanks again!

Allison said...

Yay...I wil totally add you! I did totally lame with taking pictures of food this weekend..and at 9:15 on sunday night..I just can't be bothered...Guess I'll Start on Monday.
oh god, I kill my self with the humor! :)