Monday, January 21, 2008

weights and measures.....

Happy Martin Luther King day! (or here in Idaho it's Idah Human Rights Day) Either way, it's a day of off work for me, gotta love that government job!

Here is my breakfast, 1 oatmeal pancake, with 3/4 of a banana mashed on top, a small handful of almond slivers, and 1/4 cup of milk. It was delicous.
I'm heading to work out now, and then I'll have a snack...and then i'm off to get my hair cut. I loooove getting my hair cut! After that, since i'll be downtown..i'm going to check out the Co-op. I'm hoping to find some great lunch there...
After that I'm heading to the mall. If I don't find decent lunch at the co-op, i'm going to look for something healthy in the mall (ha ha right? I look at is a challenge).
Then i'll be coming home to do some grocery shopping, and dinner preparing..and of course..catching up on blogs!
So, now that you know ALL about my day....I have exciting news to share...!
today was the day for me to take my measurements...and since August 10th 2007..I have lost 19.8 inches! Wowza. I'm trying to decide if I should set an "inches lost" goal...but I'm feeling as if that might be too obsessive.
My current stats are : 23 pounds and 19.8 inches.
Ok, well i'm off to the gym, I've never been at this time in the morning we'll see how it is!
Can't wait to show you pictures of what I find at the co-op!


Sara said...

Wow Allison, you are doing so amazing! I wish I would have taken my measurements when I was at my heaviest weight.

I'm loving your blog, congrats and keep up the great progress! :)

Allison said...

Thanks Sara!