Tuesday, January 8, 2008

weight/ exercise/ hunger

Today I did 25 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes on the bike and 5 minute on the stepmill. I'm debating about going to bodypump tomorrow morning, or doing 20 minutes of cardio and then some free weights on my own. Probably the routine from body by glamour.

My official weigh in day is Thursday. I think i'm probably still holding at 242. arg. I'm finding my self at cross roads with healthy eating, living, and weight loss. I'm a firm believer in Health at Every Size. I know that I will never weigh 120 pounds. Not ever, I'm not built to. And that is fine. I firmly want to believe that exercising and living healthy is all I need, and that my body will settle at the weight that it is supposed to. But, I really believe that is still 20-30 pounds less than I weigh now. All through college I bumped around between 210 and 220. I ate what I wanted, seriously, and I worked out regularly. I def. did not have a desk job (aside from that whole student part!). I want different habits now, I want to work out regurlary (which I've been going strong at since August), but I really want to have better nutrition. I want to learn about things that my body wants and needs, eating more vegetables and eating to live. I want to put good foods in my body.

I know that is ultimately my goal...Health. I just have to not get caught up on what the scale says.

And probably not eating 3 oatmeal cookies would help. I did calculate their nutrition value. I cookie is about 120 calories. Fab.

And I am charging my camera...lunch pictures here we come!