Saturday, January 12, 2008

weekend has been a strange day for me. Nothing out of the ordinary happened...but I slept until noon! I NEVER sleep till noon. Well, I haven't since college. My body must have needed the rest!

Because, I slept till noon, I missed my 10:30 PiYo (pilates/yoga) class! Darn. Then it started snowing, and I couldn't bring myself to drive the 10 miles on the freeway to the gym. I joined this particular gym because it's only 2 minutes from my work and I can get up and workout, miss the morning commute, and get to work on time. But..the added bonus was that there was also a gym in the town I live in, that I could go to on the weekends...BUT IT JUST CLOSED. boo. If it weren't snowing/raining/ yuck, I would go for a walk....maybe I'll pop in an old workout DVD. But..probably's already 5! how did it become five already!
So my food is ALL messed up. This is my biggest challenge, eating healthy on the weekends. I dont eat too much, I am just not balanced and I'm ALL over the place. Something I really need to work on. I'm hoping once i have my camera, and I can really get in a schedule of pictures and blogging...i'll feel accountable.

On that vein, I'm going to upload the last of the pictures on my husbands old camera into this post.
Don't even really know what I got pictures of!

Let' s see....

Ok well the webhost said that they can't currently upload pictures! Here I am, ready to do it, and they can't.
Well..maybe I'll charge the camera, and try to get some more pictures of the rest of the day, what I get when I go grocery shopping!