Friday, January 11, 2008

love it

You know, it's easy to get down about your body. Everyone has dealt with this in some form, and the grass is always greener right?
My college roommate and I were polar opposittes. I was from the west coast, she was from Phildelphia, I am 5'7', she is 5'0" Her idea of a fun evening is sitting and reading in her bedroom. My idea of a fun evening is being with friends, in any capacity. When we met, she was barely tipping 100 pounds on the scale....I was some where between 215 and 225. She has pale skin, i'm naturally pretty dark. But we were best friends...and still are today. She always had anxiety about eating at our dorm cafeteria...she said that because she was so tiny, people felt like they had a free pass to comment on how much, or what she was eating. This was the first of our discussions about the similarities and differences of being the "token skinny girl" and the "token fat girl." Until I met her, I would have given my right leg to be told that I was "too skinny" or for someone to notice that I wasn't eating and to ask my if I were anorexic. Because that would have meant I was ok in the eyes of society. I would have been like those girls in the movies and that magazines. But, I learned that it hurts just as much to be told those things. It was really the first step in my true self acceptance, getting over my eating disorder and just being me.

------I say all this to say, that getting over an eating disorder did not fix all of my health and body image issues, but it helped------

I was just filling up my water bottle in the breakroom at work, and the 5gallon jug ran out of water half way through....No prob, just get the next 5 gallon jug of the rack, and replace it. As I was getting the jug of the rack, one of my male co-workers walked in, and asked if I needed help (82% of my co-workers are male). I said no and went about changing the water and filling up my water bottle. and it got me to thinking..I love the things my body can can run, and jump, and swim and eat, and love..and it can lift 5 gallon jugs of off an eye level shelf....and I should really appreciate it, and what it can do more.

I really started this whole journey to be healthy...and I'm so excited to see where it leads!


Karen said...

I really like this post- it is so true. When we stop focusing on simply the superficial aspects of our body, we can truly begin to appreciate all that it does for us. I make it a part of my day to thank my body for being healthy and free of disease. :)

Allison said...

I love that, great idea to make it part of your routine. I'm going to try and do the same!