Monday, January 28, 2008

something is fishy....

So, I'm trying out different things for meals, seeing what holds my hunger and what doesn't.
Well...Today for lunch ( with no picture, because I'm a scatter brain) I made myself some Tuna, that was inspired by Kaths recipe (
Mine was:
1 whole can of tuna
1 tbsp + a little bit more yellow curry
1.5 tbsp mayo
1 squirt spicy mustard
1 squirt honey mustard.
1 whole chopped up carrot
This was really really good. It wasn't too creamy, like when you use too much mayo, or maybe only I do that. It was very flavorful and cruncy and pleasing for the palate.
With it I had a piece of all natural multi grain bread and my veggie container (see picture below).

These are two of the cookies from the Back To Nature box that I bought the other day. I put them up against my glasses case for size reference. I had these about 30 minutes after finishing my lunch. They are pretty good, very natural and sweet. They are easy to crunch through, and I probably could have mindlessly had 4 more.

Half full veggie I had carrot sticks, red and green bell peppers, and snap peas.
and here is the problem....i'm hungry already. I was not expecting this. Not at all. I expected the can of tuna to totally hold me, so much protein! I'm going to see if a cup of tea with some milk for a few calories will hold me for another 45 minutes or so. I like to eat my afternoon snack at 3pm.
Maybe this would have held me better if I'd eaten the tuna in a pita or something..not just as a salad. Hmmmm...