Thursday, January 17, 2008

snack and afternoon stuff

Well I finally got hungry just now, which is about 30 minutes later than I usually get hungry. I had my ~4oz of yogurt with the other half of the kashi bar from yesterday. But...NO PICTURE.

When I went back to the breakroom to get the yogurt out of the fridge..two of my co-workers were in there. Almost everyone I work with, is extremely blunt and curious, and I'm just not prepared to take pictures of my food in front of them. Ah...eating insecurities live on. Am I afraid they will see the blog? Am I afraid they will comment on my choice of food? Who cares...apparently me! lower body is SOOOO sore from my workouts this week. I've been part of the body by Glamour program ( for the past couple of months, and this week I've been doing the strength workouts from month 1, and man my lower body is killing me. Hurts to sit down pain. I suppose when it hurts to sit on the toilet... I should just be thankful it doesn't hurt to pee! Ok bad joke.

Today has gone by super fast, can't believe it's already 3:30! Not sure what we are having for dinner tonight..we have a TON of corn tortillas that my husband bought that we need to get rid of..he makes these delcious taco things...that yeah..aren't healthy at all, so we'll see what I can do to not gorge my self. I think I might also try my hand at home made baked tortilla chips.

But..there will be pictures...hurrah!