Thursday, January 17, 2008

Late snack and Dinner

Well, I got hungry during my commute home. Traffic was SUPER slow. I ate this LARABAR...
Only have the picture of the wrapper..I don't think the cops would like my excuse of "I was taking a picture for my food blog." as to why I rear ended the car infront of me, so no picture of the actually deliciousness!

As I said, my husband made dinner. It really just turned into breakfast burritos on corn tortillas. With a little bit of scrambled egg (no milk or salt) a pinch of cheese, and 2 dollops of fat free sour cream. I also cut up a small carrot. I should have had broccoli..but it sounded yuck with the rest of the meal. That is a 6 inch salad plate..for reference!

Here is my desert...a piece of Dove Milk Chocolate from my stocking. In practicing listening to my body...I didn't want this chocolate so bad that it just sounded sort of pleasant. :)

Well, that concludes Day one of pictures. (Assuming I don't eat anything else!)


lewis said...

Hi. I help run the LARABAR Blog and want to thank you for your post. Please email me at for goodies