Wednesday, January 30, 2008

skies of blue and fields of ...white!

Well, today continued to be a wierd day schedule wise. I work for a city parks and rec. department, and today we had to take a group photo with our new director. We all troupedout to one of our parks at 11am.
Getting a new boss is always fun and of the new policies that we are implementing are Birthday Parties...once a month for whom ever has a birthday in the month. Today we had the birthday..with coffee ice cream cake. Yum-O (sorry, the cheesiness of the situation called for a Rachel Ray moment)! anyway, we had this whole shindig right after our picture was taken. I insisted on eating my lunch before the cake, and didn't take a picture. I"m still embarrassed...and with the whole group in the break way!

Anyway...I had a left over turkey burger crumbled up in a whole wheat tortilla with 1 slice of colby cheese and few red pepper slices. I also had my standard "veggie container" with carrots, more peppers, and cucumbers. And a small 1" wide slice of cake. Good thing it was small..because my body def. reacted to the sugar, I wanted more and more and more and more. Not because I was hungry for it, not because my body wanted mouth wanted it. It's hard to overcome!

here is our group you can probably guess..I'm the one in the grey jacket.
And not that it really matter, but the play ground we are standing on is 100% wheel chair accessable, the only one in Idaho!

I'm starting to feel expect a snack post soon!


Karen said...

Very funny, witty post. Do your co-workers not know about your blog? It took me forever to tell my friends and family.

Allison said...

They don't know about it. Most of them aren't exactly savvy on the computer. Def. more rough and tumble down home kind of guys.
Have a great day!