Sunday, January 27, 2008

produce produce everywhere!

So, it's Sunday after noon, and I wanted to post some pictures of the fruits and veggies we bought at the store yesterday. It's the end of the month, our budget is just about used up, but we can't not have our fresh produce for the week!
Yesterday at the grocery store, I wanted to switch things up a little bit so I bought some fruit i normally don't...

The first exciting piece of fruit is the STARFRUIT! I've never had one of these before, and they are a little pricey ($1.28) for one, but my husband convinced me that it was well worth the money. Ha. anyway..i have ot wait for it to ripen..but apparently you just eat these like an apple! Bite into them, or cut them into slice for the pretty star shape. Exciting...i'm trying to be patient while mine ripens! I also got navel oranges and my husband picked out the plums. I don't like plums very much, but they really look pretty in our fruit bowl!

This week, instead of cutting up veggies nightly, I cut up a bunch and put them in a glass bowl with a lid that we got as a wedding present. This is 2 red bell peppers, one or two green peppers, two carrots, and snap peas. We also have cucumbers..but i like to cut those up daily for lunces...they are full of so much water that they make everything else soggy!

And from the top.
Today we had lunch with my in-laws. Well...we always have lunch with my inlaws on Sundays. Now, my in-laws are incredibly sweet sweet good people. The are not so fantastic at health. My Father in law has type two diabetes (that he is not so good about controlling, and my mother in law basically loves every fat condiment known to man, but then again..who doesn't!) anyway...Today after church my sister-in-law informs my husband and I that for lunch today we are swinging by Wendy's, picking up lunch for my inlaws and taking it over to them.
Great..a fast food challenge. When I first started losing weight..I spent a lot of time researching the nutritional values of different fast food places. As we all know, subway has the healthiest, freshest ingredients..but stil isn't that great. So...back to wendys'. I decided on a jr. hamburger and a side salad. My mouth wanted a 1/4 pound single with fries. But...I passed (man, tons of willpower on that one) and had about 5 of my husband's fries. I just looked up the nutritional value and with the few fries, and one chicken nugget I had with my jr. hamburger and side salad (1 tsp vinagrette) My lunch only came to about 400 calories. Pretty low, but I don't feel bogged down by grease..which is nice.
My sister-in-law ordered "the baconator" for my F-in-Law. yeah..I looked up those calories....860! man, so not worth it. I would rather eat two home made patties with six pieces of non fast food bacon for that amount of calories.
Anyway...i'm going to need a snack pretty soon. Wish that Starfruit was ripe!


zandria said...

That fruit looks delish! Last Sunday I did an experiment where I ate all raw food. It went okay, but I don't think I'd EVER want to do it full-time. :)

I found your blog via Back in Skinny Jeans!

Karen said...

I'll be checking to see what you think of starfruit. They look beautiful sliced in a salad, but I've never tried one.

Fattease said...

mmmm "healthy" can taste good

Allison said...

Can't wait to look at your blog!

Karen-I'll be sure to report on it. They mentioned in the website that I read about how to eat them, that kids really love the pretty fun shapes!

fattease-healthy does taste good!