Friday, January 25, 2008

pretty scary stuff

so my morning started with me locking my self out of the house, and out of my car. I had turned on my car to warm it up while I scraped the windows. Apparently, I locked the door when I had finished...because I always lock the door when leaving my car. DUH. So, I had locked my front door to the house, and the car door, and my husband was sound asleep inside..and I was freezing in the snow in my gym clothes, outside.
He finally answered the door, I used the spare key to open the car door..and away I went to the gym.
only....I didn't make it to the gym. The roads were TERRIBLE. We haven't had temps over 20 degrees here, and when it started snowing last night, it just turned into sheets of ice. No plowing, salting or even sanding had occured by 5:40 this morning. I figured that the free way would be ok. Wrong. I got on the freeway. I started fishtailing on the freeway..and lost total control of my car, I spun around and went into the ditch that divides the freeway. Fortunately, I didnt' hit anyone, and no one hit me. But it was effing scary. I called 911. They said they could see what they could do....but I wasn't a priority as no one was hurt. I called my husband...he didn't answer, shame on him for showering in my time of need! (just kidding). Anyway..finally a cop stopped, and after being a dick head to me (he made me feel incredibly stupid, I know they deal with stupid people..but come was 6 am, I was in my gym clothes and I had just slid off the freeway, a little compassion is not impossible), he was able to manuever my car around and drive me out of the ditch. I could have done this myself...but at this point my nerves were shot. When I got back on the freeway, I started fishtailing again, and got off at the nearest exit (about 50 feet) i pulled into a gas station. At this point my husband finally called me, and told me he would come get me. The roads were bad enough that i couldn't get anywhere with out sliding. I drive a 95 mustang, and even with 300 pounds of sand in the wasn't going anywhere safely.
I didn't want that's a whole other story.
the ending to this story is that I am safe, the car is still at the gas station because it still won't drive safely...and I'm not going to work today.
So, I'm starting this as my "weekend" and food posting will be sporadic!


Karen said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad you are okay.

Mamacita Chilena said...

holy crap, so scary! I'm really glad you are alright after all that. What an asshole that cop was to be rude to you when you're the one in need not doing anything stupid. It's not your fault you slid off the road!

Allison said...

Thanks for all the support Ladies!