Tuesday, January 22, 2008

just so good...

Ok,I know that I don't have pictures, and that makes this blog less exciting....but I am so excited that I am FINALLY hungry for my snack! I love food, and i've been looking forward to today LARABAR since lunch. But..I made my self wait till I was hungry, I'm trying to learn to listen to my body right?
And it was soo worth the wait. I know that I keep talking about LARABAR's but seriously? they are the most amazing things ever. I know that other blogs extol the virtues of whole foods, and not eating "bars" too much, but how can you go wrong when sometimes the only two ingredients are dates and cashews? Instead of having dates and cashews in a little baggie, I have mine pressed together in a CUTE little wrapper. Just as much waste....and just as great of a product. All natural, raw, vegan... ok, back to the point.
Today I am having (As I type) KEY LIME PIE flavor. I' m a sucker for lime, and this is delicious. It has more ingredients then some but still less than 10, still everything I can pronounce.

Some people splurge money on movies or clothes...I chose LARABARS!

Also, speaking of fantastic lunch of left over whole wheat rotini with homemade pasta sauce, a whole carrot, a while red pepper, and 4 oz of honey greek god yogurt? HELD ME SO WELL. It was little bit more calorie laden then usual....but so delicious!


Comrade GoGo said...

Congratulations on being featured on Back in Skinny Jeans today! I've heard great things about Larabars, and your passion for them just might finally motivate me to check them out ;).