Thursday, January 10, 2008

food update---can't think of a good title!

Must get used to taking pictures! I took some pictures yesterday, with the intent of doing a "picture" round up at the end of the day (at least until I get a more functional camera). I forgot to photograph my dinner and breakfast today!

Maybe I'll remember, for once, about lunch.
I tried risotto last night. When I did my weekly grocery shopping, I couldn't find risotto in my store (winco) at all! It's a huge store, but it really doesn't stock things that aren't "mainstream." It's just so much cheaper for lots of our stuff...guess this means I'm going to have to start making two trips. Darn.
They did have risotto in a box. Parmesan flavor. I suppose that I should have just used the risotto, and then used my own recipe for it, but that didnt' dawn on me until just now! It was organic though, so no processed ingredients, It turned out well, but was SUPER SUPER salty. Too salty for me. But my husband LOVED it! (he is a salt monster!)
I did manage to find risotto (non prepacked) at another store, I think I'll just get it there for recipes from now on. anyway, with the risotto I had about 1/2 a cup of broccoli and 2 bites of left over steak from the night before, for some protein.
It kept me full, but about 7:45 my head told me I wanted something. I'm still learning to deal with these cravings..usually by drinking hot tea, but we don't have any that I liked, so instead a ate a carrot.

This morning I had oats, blueberries and almonds again. In hopes of more protein, and staving off hunger, I made the oats with 75% water and 25% milk. Didn't help, still starving by 10am. So...when the almonds are gone...back to walnuts.

For lunch today I brought cottage cheese with peaches, veggies and a piece of whole wheat bread. I didn't want a sandwich, and we didn't have any left over risotto! good thing about that boxed stuff....automatic portion control!

I've decided that I am going to really start aiming for getting in my food groups, and staying in my discretionary cal. on it says that the goals they gave me are for a 2200 calorie a day diet, minus the exercise I get (usually around 400 kcal burned) that would leave me at about 1800. Which, would result in weightloss in my 242 pound body.

Yes stil 242...a weigh in post to come later!