Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Feeling FULL!

So after a hungry morning, I am feeling full now!

I had this banana about 9:30am. That coupled with some hot tea with 1/4 cup milk at 10:30 held me until lunch. Oh, and I had one chocolate covered pretzel Sorry, the pictures are small..I forgot to adjust the size. Here is lunch, partially eaten. I started with a whole can of Amy's Organic Low Sodium Low Fat Tomato Soup. More about soup later...
I also had one of my small biscuits from last night (I'll post the recipe..i'm throwing around the idea of a recipes page) and My veggie container...same veggies as yesterday!

Cookies for desert! Two more of the Back to Nature Chocolate Chunk cookies.
And I feel happily full! I stil have about 1/4 cup cottage cheese and some blueberries for a snack!

These soups are great. My husband and I don't like the same kinds of soup, and this brand is a good compromise for us. I LOVE the Pacific brand..but he isn't a huge fan of the taste..and I can't usually get through a whole box of soup before the reccomended eating time. I guess I could freeze it...anyway..He likes campbells full of sodium soups. These work well...and they aren't concentrated..which is why I had a whole can for lunch..only 200 calories for the whole thing. Filling and soooo goood.


Anonymous said...

i like your smile