Tuesday, January 29, 2008

crash and burn

This is going to be a dinner, breakfast, workout post all rolled into one.
As you may remember I was STARVING yesterday afternoon. I got home, and didnt' know what to make for dinner..but settled on biscuits and eggs. I found this biscuit recipe on Very, very good and buttery. I might type the recipe into to see what the nutrition info is. Anyway...I made these and my husband made over medium eggs..and we turned them into sandwhiches. after two...I was finally full....probably due to high caloric content and protein in the eggs. Either was delicious. Not a plan for everynight...but last night it hit the spot.
Here are few of the will make an appearance at lunch!

Ok, trying out new breakfasts, and this one, while good DID NOT WORK. One Thomas' whole wheat english muffin (which are by far the best i've tasted) some cottage cheese (2%) and an orange. I ate this at 7:45 and I was hungry by 8:45. Not enough calories or volume. The muffin is only 150 calories, 1/2 a cup of cottage cheese is 100 cal. and I'm not sure what the orange is...I don't think I have a full 1/2 a cup on there. I brought a container to eat througout the day, and I know it had just over 1/2 a cup. looks like if I'm going ot have these..then I def. need some peanutbutter to amp it up!

Pre-workout toast and my lunch tupperwares in the background. Today I had just jam on the bread, as I couldn't find the pb and I was in a hurry.

Today for my workout I did 20 mins on the stat bike and 30 minutes doing free weights. I used the routine from Body By Glamour..month one. It really works me. I used to only do the weights routine...but now I enjoy 20 mins. of cardio before hand.
I've been thinking that I want to try the Couch-to-5k running program again. I started it when I got back into the gym...and it gave me some pretty bad shin splints. I wonder if it would be easier now that I am in better shape and 24 pounds lighter.