Thursday, January 3, 2008

bars bars bars

So, since starting this whole "desk job life style" i've been on the hunt for snacks that I can keep in my desk for my ~ 3:30pm blood sugar crash. By that time i've already had 3 servings of fruit and two of veggies (with more planned for dinner). Sometimes I have fruit, if I have some laying around, but what really helps me are nutrition bars. I can keep them in my desk for extended peariods of time.
I've gone through so many types looking for something I liked, and that kept me full.
I started with South Beach Diet Bars (I'm so embarrassedto admit this)
They had about 140 calories and 7g of protein and a decent amount of fiber. along with just about every processed thing you can imagine.

Then I switched to Kashi pumpkin bars--very good..but I'm not really into the whole crunchy bar thing. GIVE ME CHEWY!-But they were yummy and did have quite a bit of protein.

Then I moved on to these dumb things called "thinkTHIN" I was, I will admit, attracted to the name, and to the packaging on the bar. DID NOT TASTE GOOD. none of the flavors really did it for me. I tried, I so wanted it to be better..because they had 22 grams of protein! WHEW. but no fiber. at all. But they did keep me full. I think i'll keep them in mind as a resource for travelling/meal replacement emergencies.

And now..dun dun dun..I've finally been able to try Larabars! which, around the blogosphere, are SUPER popular. And they are delicous. And they only have two or three ingredients each! umm..does life get better? I've also trid Clifbar's version. Not bad..but not great.
Now that i've tried these pure ingredient bars, I just can't imagine going back to even thinTHINK or lord help me the south beach bars.