Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I forgot my bra for work today. So I'm wearing my sports bra. Ick. And it's a compression bra, and it's hurting my shoulders. How do people do this all the time? I just don't get it.

So lately, in my group classes, i've been noticing my ass. Well, not so much my ass, but the fat above it. I say God Damn! where did that shelf of a booty come from? OH my god, I have my mothers ass. She has been working out for like 4 years, and her's still hasn't gone away. Oh god. I've lost 13 pounds and like 15 inches, and I can't even fathom HOW BIG IT WAS BEFORE? oh dear lord. So I need to work on it.
There that was a definitive answer, I want my ass to be smaller. I want my fat roll to go away.
need to step up the cardio. tomorrow, I'm going to do my elliptical cardio routine again, and then friday it's going ot be walking up hill on the treadmill, and maybe some more arms.

These are things that I still want for my body:
I want defined cut arms.
I want my asses spare tire to go away
I want to be able to increase my weight during body pump.
I want to run a mile, I want to wear a size 18.