Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I'm feeling out of sorts about my fitness lately. I was doing really well, and lost quite a bit of weight (uh 10ish pounds, we've been over that story before). anyway, and now...i'm plateauing. I think it has to do with eating habits, and exercise habits, which would make it uh..everything.
I'm still doing pretty well about eating for breakfast and lunches. Even dinners mostly, it's the snacking that is getting me. Not healthy snacking, oh no, that would be fine. It's un healthy snacking. Candy in the candy jar at work, brownies or ice cream at home. Much less than I used to consume, but enough, combined with a slacking work out schedule that I can tell I've stalled.

Ok, I don't want to stall, I want to continue to lose weight and get healthy and strong.
So I need to reevaulate.

One treat per day, and that is it. THAT IS IT. I haven't had one yet today, that means I get a brownie tonight! WOOT WOOT.

HAVE TO GO TO THE GYM FIVE DAYS A WEEK. I think the week of sickness at the beginning of October got to me.

Have to do effective workouts. Really pay attention to being at the correct heart rates (not above 169) which might mean that I have to reevaulate step class. Which really sucks, cause I enjoy it. but I don't want to be ineffective.
tomorrow is weights and that is good, but i've got to figure out something else for cardio I guess.

Keep up with fruits and veggies. I feel a little deprived right now, because we don't have any fresh veggies at home. hmm..tonight is def. going to be chicken breast with pasta (I can make less than rice) and LOTS OF VEGGIES. (oh! I wonder if I could sautee the veggies and chicke and garlic together?) Can one sautee frozen veggies? Yum, that would be so delicous and blanaced. I think I have broccoli left, I do have mixed veggies. hrm. Tomorrow is pay day, and Halloween. I am going to buy halloween candy otnight. I think my schedule will look like this: cook and eat dinner, go to store, buy halloween candy, come home and clean house/ watch biggest loser while sitting on stability ball.
Finish cleaning house and maybe watch law and order. I want to get the spare room empty though. I guess I can do that tomorrow. oh right,.
So, thursday it's grocery shopping for sure.