Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"sick day"

So, I slept in this morning and missed my workout. To my bodies benefit I think. I am so stuffed up, I can't breathe and my whole face hurts. AND i'm afraid i'm getting a cold sore (ewww NO!).

I'm really trying tp push liquids. I think yesterday I had the equivalent of 136 oz of water. DAMN. Pushing pushing pushing. I'm not doing so well today, but I'm going to go fill up my nalgene, and try to power through it until I go home. I'm going home early too. I really just came in for the interviews we are doing this afternoon.

I took my measurements a little bit early, I'm not supposed to do them until the beginning of next week. I just want to see a loss! Well, I have, I have some bit of loss in every place, except my thighs and my upper arms. It's all good, because I am ok with those. I like them looking strong and sexy. Although, there is still quite a bit of fat hanging out on my thighs.
Our one year anniversary is in six weeks. I think I can continue to lose 1 pound a week until then. That would put me at almost 20 lbs loss by our anniversary. wow. Or more like 15 whatever, the great debate on what my starting weight was.

I really want Scott to be healthy. I want him to quite eating so much salt and butter, and start exercising, and most of all QUIT SMOKING> we got in an argument last night. i know that nagging him does no good, he'll just dig his heals in harder. So, I won't nag him about it anymore. I wont say anything.