Monday, October 1, 2007


So, I heard about a movement today, the "Healthy At Every Size" Movement. how freaking fantastic. I spent the weekend with my mom, who is 58. she has been working out consistently for almost seven years, and she has only lost 30 pounds. I say only, because she says only. My mom is 5'2" and when she got pregnant with me, she was a marathon runner, she weighed 150 pounds. at her heaviest, she weight around 230. I weigh 252 (well, last week I did, tomorrow is my weigh in day). I am taller than my mom by four inches. I wish it was six inches, but that is my own deal. Anyway, here is my almost 60 year old mother, talking about wanting to weight less than 202 (ohmygodIlooked AMAZING at 202). Anyway, I am trying to be body positive, and eat healthy and exercise. And I am NOT trying to lose weight, I am trying to get healthy, and at this point, those two are going to go hand in hand. But, eventually, it wil ljust be healthy, and maintaining. And that might be at 230, or 202 or 180. Who knows. but I don't want to be miserable my whole life and diet in rediculous ways. Anyway, it's an interesting journey I find my self on.
My hubby and I are going grocery shopping tonight I want to go slow and make some good food choices..which brings me too..what am I going ot have for dinner????