Wednesday, October 24, 2007

love love love

So I went to weights class again this morning. Going well, enjoying it, I felt a little bit better about what weights to use when, I'm looking forward to building up my strength, so I can increase my weightage.

A strange thing happened in step class yesterday, I can't do exercises on the ball with out it really really hurting and being hard to breathe. WTF? Maybe the ball is too deflated, but I don't feel supported at all.

Tomorrow will be cardio remix day. I think my plan will be 10 minutes on treadmill, 15 minutes on bike, 10 minutes on stairmaster (or that satan machine) and then 10 more minutes on treadmill. That works out to...45 minutes?
Nice, then that will give me 5 minutes for abs and 10 for stretching.

I offcially hate lunges, I want to be better at them, so much better. I don't want to let them beat me, so I'll keep doing them. Maybe I'll do lunges tomorrow. Gah, I hate that idea.

my new favorite love is the kashi snack bars in pumpkin spice and flax. OMG delicious, and they are made with ALL natural ingredients. They have less protein than the SBD, but I feel better about what I'm doing for my body.