Friday, October 12, 2007

class kicked my !@#

I went to step class this morning. I've been working out since August 4th. It is now October 12th, and that class kicked my ass. I did about, uh 10 minutes before I wanted to die. But I didn't die, and I didn't quit, even though I really really wanted to.

I'm going to weight lifting class on Monday as well, and class again on tuesday, wednesday and this dumb step class again next friday.
I'm hoping the rest of this week isn't this tough, but I kind of hope it is. Talk about a shock to my system.

I'm feel a little confused by my food intake lately. I fee like i've been needing more to not be hungry. I def. need to step up my protein intake at lunch. I get hungry about 3:00, which is fine, but a sanwhich and veggies just isn't cutting it anymore. Tonight we are going to my brother and sister in laws. She has already informed me that she is going to be making popcorn and cookies.
Bets on if I can only eat two cookies???