Monday, September 17, 2007

A Word on Body Image

So I am at the gym this morning. Yay hooray. I schlep myself onto the treadmill, following gym etiquette...choosing a machine that didn't have anyone on machines on either side of it. I find when people pick machines right next to you, when there are tons of others available, a little bit creepy. I'm warming up, an I'm looking around and I'm notcing the treadmill "regulars." The woman on the end who walks at such a steep incline she has to hold on, and the cute little woman with the great figure and great tan, the girl who pushes herself through 3 miles everday, and the woman with incredibly large breasts, and skinny skinny arms. And me. I just realized that I only notice the women regulars. Anyway, I was looking over at the weights area, and noticed a woman with pink shorts, a very large white shirt, and great toned legs. Well, I start to focus on my running, as my five minutes of warm up was almost over, and I was going to have to actually, jog. Next thing I know, Pink Shorts is on the treadmills, one away from me. Whatever, then her friend joins her, placing herself right between us.

She instantly starts complaining about her car registration. The first thing I heard this woman say was " It's a fucking 2006 mercedes, why would it need an emissions test" this is Idaho, they don't emissions test here. Whatever. I also don't think it's appropriate to use expletives at the top of your voice at 6:15 am. Let me have my fucking coffee first. :)

So then they go on about their friends who are on diets, and who is dieting incorrectly, and who complains about not loosing any weight, yet continues to drink a coffee drink every day. (I can only assume that they were refering to lattes or mochas, and not my precious drip coffee).
Then they move on to their own workouts, and how they can tell that their abs look better when they are eating healthily. Don't get me wrong, this is the gym, this is where you talk about your health right? Fine. Then Pink Shorts starts complaining about how hot she is, and mention that she is going to take off her shirt and run in just her sports bra. I am thinking, that she must have a great figure under that t-shirt, as she is easily running 10 minute miles, has great legs and has no apparent rolls. So her friend Bitchy McBitcherson, says " Are you kidding? Wow I would never do that, I just don't have the body for it." Umm, yes, yes you do. You have a great figure. Pink Shorts IMMEDIATELY starts self-depricating, saying " Oh your right, I know I'm too fat to do it too. I'm just so hot, but you are right, only people with six-packs should show their stomachs at the gym." " I don't want to be like Britney Spears, rolling my fat around."
Now let me tell you, if this woman is fat, then I am Jabba the freaking Hut. And her friend, did nothing to boost her back up. Didn't say " no your not fat, not showing my stomach is my own issue, of course you should do what would make you less hot." No not a thing, she launched right into how she heard a guy commenting on Britney Spears being fat, and commenting that if she is fat then Beyonce is a cow. But it was ok that Beyonce was chubby, becuase she was black, and it's a different culture.

All the while, I am huffing and puffing and jogging with my fat jiggling on the treadmill, thinking to myself, that even though I probably weigh as much as these two put together, at least i'm not deluded. And I know i'm beautiful, and I have somone who tellls me so, and tells me that my curves are great. And I think to myself, why would I want to be cut. Being soft makes me me, and it makes me comfortable for laying on, and fun to hug.
I just wanted to look these women in the eye and tell them to get a grip, that they were both beautiful and in great shape and to love themselves. Love their bodies for what they can do. Her body can run a 10 minute mile, and lift weights.
I was sad for them, sad that they couldn't love their bodies.