Thursday, May 15, 2008

mixing it up

So every couple of months I have to change how I work out, or I get bored.

When I first went to the gym, I did cardio three tims a week, and strength training every other day.
Then I started taking classes, Mon-Wed (two body pump classes, and 1 step class) then I did cardio another day, and strength training on fridays.
Then when I decided that the body pump classes weren't working out, I gave up the whole class part, and went back to my first schedule.
And now, I'm bored again. And it isn't about when or how I do my cardio or my strength training...its about cardio machines. I can only take them for so long, before I want to die.

I'm a morning exerciser (before work, leave my house at 5:40 to get to the gym by six), and now that it is spring/summer it is finally not pitch black out at that I'm kicking around the idea of doing cardio at home, outside. Walking, Running intervals, jumping jacks...dancing on my patio...anything. The only problem for me is that I have to work my butt off at staying focused enough to work up a sweat. I think I'm going to do this three times a week, and strength train at the gym two times.
That way I don't feel like I'm wasting my gym membership, and I also don't feel like it isn't fun anymore. Then I'll want to go back. right?