Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good Bye Splenda...

It’s been real…err…fake and full of chemicals. I just got finished reading “In Defense of Food…An Eater’s Manifesto.”
What a super good book. Some of the concepts in the book, weren’t new or earth shattering, but they are good reminders. Eat slowly, eat a meal, eat away from your desk or coffee table, eat with people, eat food with less than five ingredients.

What I did find fascinating was the statistics about the affects of the Western diet on cultures. And how much it costs to have Diabetes!

I’ve always had a love affair with fake sweeteners. My mom always had Sweet n’ Low in our pantry. I loved to use it on my cereal as a kid, even though my Dad never wanted me to eat it. I think the beauty (and disgustingness) of fake sweeteners is that they are so damn sweet. You can use a little , for no calories, and get as much sweetness as like 10 tablespoons of sugar. I like exaggeration today, ok I like exaggeration every day.
The point is, fake sugar has always been poison of choice. I’ve been thinking about cutting splenda out of my Diet for a while. Pretty much since I started reading healthy living blogs. Really though, what drove it home for me was In Defense of Food.
How can I claim that I want to be as healthy as possible, but dump white chemicals that are made to taste like sugar in my coffee and over my grapefruit?
So I am saying goodbye to all the pink, yellow and blue packets of sweetness.

I bought agave nectar this week at the grocery store, I’ve wanted to try it for a while, and we are finally out of honey. It coincided well with saying sayonara to splenda.


Sassy said...

good luck! I quit diet coke for a long time but it has been sneaking back into my fridge. :-( But I love it so!!

karen said...

My sister has been raving about the Agave nectar. Can't wait to hear what you think of it.

Jim said...

My preferred sweetener is stevia. The one I always try to avoid is aspartame, which I think should be banned by the US FDA. Other artificial sweeteners are okay with me.