Friday, February 20, 2009

Fitting it in

Do you all like my illustration of the stairs at my office? It's a little bit m.c. Escher. :)

So, I posted about the Wellness Challenge/competition at my workplace last week. It is amazing how competition (and money) motivates people. Seriously. People are actually using the employee workout room now (when I first started I was the only one down there, now it’s so busy at noon, I’ve started taking my “sweat break” at 11. At that time it’s just me another woman and cute firefighter. Can’t beat that!).
People have also taken to “sabotaging” each other. The Fire Chief bought donuts for the planning and zoning department. The first poor soul who ate a donut took crap for the rest of the day. My staff member delivered me four sugar cookies decorated with a gluttonous amount of frosting, courtesy of the kids in our afterschool program.

Aside from the competition, people have also started supporting each other, and coming up with ways to fit in fitness, during work hours. Two weeks ago, two women from the finance department started walking the stairs every day at 2pm. They went up and down our two flights of stairs, five times. Soon people started joining them. My team and I joined them yesterday. It’s pretty comical to see 15 ladies tromping and even jogging up and down the stairs of city hall in a row. But it’s fun. Kind of feels like a sports team practice. Running stairs sucks, but it’s doable with your friends.

I think today I am going to do six times up and down…Maybe I’ll work up to 10. Although sitting at my desk super sweaty probably isn’t going to be fun for me, or the guy I share an office with!


karen said...

Love the drawing! Now if only I had stairs where I work.

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

haha i love your pictures.

stairs are awesome- they are my favorite incidental form of movement

Kelly Turner

RhodeyGirl/Sabrina said...

that sounds awesome!!! i love stairs!

thanks for commenting so i could find your blog!

Allison said...


they are a pretty great form of incidental movement. I also like the endorphin boost in the midafternoon during my work day.

Thanks for stopping by!