Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I took an unexpected hiatus from my blog for a while. It wasn’t planned, it just sort of happened. My husband’s company informed him that layoffs were on the horizon, so I got super paranoid that he was going to lose his job, and that I would need to support us and had a mini panic attack about it for about a week, while we “waited.” Honestly I probably would have blogged about it everyday, as it was on my mind.
Then, people got laid off, and it wasn’t my husband….but I had fallen out of the blog groove by then. Then….he was told about more layoffs on the horizon. Again with the panicking. I actually considered for a time starting a new blog called “living laid off.” That is the type of thing I was thinking about.
But…he hasn’t been laid off yet, so I’m just praying every day that he won’t be.

I also kind of needed some time to center my chi.
I’m centered now. I’m not stressed about possible lay offs, what ever will be will be right? Que Sera Sera… what are the words to that song anyway? Is there more than just the first stanza? Or maybe I only know the chorus.
But I digress..

How bout a little bit about health?
Well..I’ve joined a “Wellness Challenge” at my job. The Wellness committee decided that they wanted to do something, instead of just planning the lame-o wellness fair each year. So, we are having a competition/event that is based of off the Biggest Loser.
People who were interested in participating signed up and paid 10.00 (to create a pot of money that people can win). The Wellness Committee then contributed 10.00 per person as well. After signing up, all of the participants organized themselves into groups of 4.
We all also had our body fat and lean muscle mass percentages calculated, as well as our weight recorded. (This all happened last week, the official start date was Feb 2nd).
Sadly, the trainer who was taking our “specs” wasn’t doing the calculations right there (she was using calipers). I was bummed! I really wanted to know my starting body fat percentage! Anyway….so we are doing this for 15 weeks. Each month there will be a team challenge, and prizes awarded to the winning team. This month we are competing to see which team logs the most minutes worked out.

Over all the prize break down goes like this:
Person with most body fat % lost- 20% of the pot (specifically $260.00!!!!!)
Person with highest % of lean muscle mass gained (again….$260.00)
Team with the highest % of lean muscle mass gained + body fat lost (team splits $260.00)
Over All Wellness Champ- individual with highest % of body fat lost + highest % of lean muscle mass gained wins 40% of the pot or $520.00.

I was impressed with the turn out. I am on a team with three other women, all of whom are over 40. Our team name is “The Phat Ladies!” I’ve reclaimed the word Fat. I’m not afraid to say I’m fat. Anyway….so I’ll admit, I’ve been trying a little harder for this competition. While I would LOVE to win more than $500, really I just want to beat on my male co-workers, whom I happen to Supervise. In addition, it’s been a really great way to get to know more of my co-workers (I’ve got over 300) and the spirit of the competition has been fun. Although if my supervisee tells me one more time how many calories were in his lunch, I might scream.

Umm, now that I’ve opened the blogging flood gates I just want to keep writing and writing and writing. Better save some for tomorrow.

I’ve leave you with this…I’ve lost 3.4 pounds since January 1st. It reinforces for me that I had let my healthy habits slip. I’m still eating plenty, I’m just eating better, and working out on a regular basis again.

Must stop writing now…..


littlecalder said...

glad to have you back! i'm hoping along with you that those layoffs keep sliding on by...

that challenge sounds great, good luck to you and your team!

littlecalder said...

ps - that cartoon is super cute. sometimes i think that applies to my blog too...

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Janie said...

This is so cool! Good luck with the challenges:) I'm so glad you're back, I've missed you!!