Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tomorrow Is Just Another Day....right?

So, I’ve started my post on New Year’s resolutions at least 4 times. I know that I posted about it two weeks ago, and I said that I had 3 resolutions. 1. To be more of a “locavore.” 2. to read 3 books per month, 1 of them being non fiction. 3. To make mini resolutions each month, to attain small goals.

Well..this week I got to reading a few other blogs (like usual) and people were posting about their resolutions/goals. I wanted goals too! I started typing and ended up with a page of goals. Granted, it was that long because I created steps to obtain each goal as well. But, a whole page? Seriously. See, here is the thing...I’m not a goal setter. I’m not. I was never type A enough to write them down and think about how I would get there, and I was just to laid back to worry about things, when I was busy going with the flow of life.
But..I feel like things are starting to change a little bit. I’ve been doing strange things like…organizing my closet, by color and type of clothing! And creating separate drawers for my socks and underwear, instead of just throwing anything and everything in the two drawers I use for those things. I haven’t gone so far as to fold, roll or pair my socks and underwear though..that would just be too much. J
I want to be organized. I want to save money. I want to run a mile. I do! But, somehow I feel like if I put them in New Years resolutions, it negates their power some how.

Who knew I was so messed up in the head about New Years Resolutions?

So, I’m going to amend my original resolutions, and just add…a few.

4. Save 6% of my take home pay each month
Create a budget tracking system for my personal checking account.
Some other financial stuff that I am not going to post about. J
Lose weight.

Yes, I said lose weight. How typical does that make me?

I’m listing it as “lose weight” but what I really mean is, get back to where I was a year ago with healthy eating and exercise. When my weight loss stopped and I started maintaining, I let me healthy habits slide. An example, instead of having 2 pieces of pizza and a salad on pizza night, I was skipping the salad and having 4 pieces of pizza. I don’t intend on quitting pizza, or dessert or wine. But I need to get back to eating healthier.
This is really hard for me, as a Health At Every Size advocate and believer, to admit that I WANT to lose weight. It isn’t because I think I’m disgusting, or ugly, or anything negative. It’s because, I committed a year and half ago (not a new years resolution) to get healthy, and I’ve sort of fallen off the wagon. Some lasting and excellent changes have been made in my diet and exercise, but I’ve been blurring the edges too much.
I know my body, and I know that if I pursue the healthy habits that I want to, I’m going to lose some more weight. So...number 7 is Stay The Course, Get Healthy.

I hope that everyone has a happy and safe New Years Eve.
See you all next year! Oh man, I love being cheesy like that!


Every Gym's Nightmare said...

Happy New Year!

Kelly Turner

Janie said...

I feel the same way as you regarding the "lose weight" resolution! I had made some good progress and I have been majorly blurring the edges as well. Maybe we can cheer each other on via our blogs:)

Happy New Year!

Allison said...

Happy New Year!

I hear ya! Let's for sure be eachothers cheerleaders! Happy New Year!