Friday, November 21, 2008

rain down on me....

ok, so today, at this very moment my job is having the "grand opening" for our new building. There are cookies on the first floor....and a chocolate fountain on the third floor.
I skipped the cookies. But I did visit the chocolate fountain. I had half of pirouette cookie dipped in chocolate, and a, sit down for this, a toasted coconut marshmallow dipped in chocolate. I shouldn't say dipped, I stuck it under the chocolate waterfall and it was amazing.
oh man. I made, what I feel, were smart choices. Just two pieces, savored them and they were delicious.

Now....I want a cookie. I don't need a cookie. My body is physically responding to the sugar from the choc. fountain......but...i won't go. I'm popping gum, drinking water, and in 3o minutes I'm going to eat my snack; a cut up carrot, a cut up bell pepper and a string cheese. I know that having a cookie would not make me a bad person, but over coming bingeing, especially at dessert buffets is something that I am still learning and dealing with.

And writing this post? It helped.


GroundedFitness said...

your body just wants more sugar- wants not need. youll be fine. those do sound marvelous and you showed such restraint!

Kelly Turner

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I would not do well with that chocolate fountain! I would avoid the cookie because once I have one, I can't stop. I hate temptations this time of year.

Allison said...

Thanks! It is hard to learn the difference between need and want, within ones body.

The choc. fountain was pretty amazing!