Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feels Like Home To Me...

Does anyone else love that song? So…Thanksgiving is tomorrow. After many, many, many hours of debate and discussions and a few hurt feelings…we finally have thanksgiving plans. My Father In Law is going back to Ohio to see his family, My mother Inlaw, Me and my hub, his sister and her husband are all going over to my Husband’s Uncle’s house. Sounds like it should have been simple to say. “oh Uncle Dave you want to Host? What shall we bring?” But wasn’t. I’ll spare you the sordid family drama details.
Kelly’s post yesterday got me to thinking about Thanksgiving. Well that along with the death of a family friend. I thought, how selfish are we (my in-law family, not the ubiquitous we ) to be spending days and time and tears arguing about where to have thanksgiving dinner, and who will bring what, and how some one felt like someone else was being selfish and bossy, and how someone else felt like someone was being a jerk. Wow. We could have had thanksgiving anywhere, and we are blessed enough that if we wanted to…we could have four turkeys and double or triple of every side dish…and we can’t for one minute get over ourselves enough to think about that? It’s sad really.

I think the same goes for healthy eating on T-Day. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am definitely an advocate for eating in moderation while eating to enjoy ones self. But think about all of the time we spend worrying about how much we are going to eat, because there is MORE than enough for everyone (and enough to have leftovers for days). There are people out there who are worrying about how they are going to eat at all…on any day. Or even people who wonder how they are going to afford a Turkey for their family.

Scott and I bought a turkey two weeks ago. We didn’t know our plans yet…so we bought a turkey. Not really for us, cause was a 24 pound turkey (Scott can’t quite seem to grasp “small”) but to give away or take to my parents for Christmas or something. My co-worker confided in me that she and her husband are barely getting by right now, and that they still needed to buy their turkey. So I gave her ours, and honestly the joy that I felt when I gave her that turkey, was greater than any amount of pumpkin pie could ever give me. (which is clearly…a lot).

Anway, I didn’t intend for this post to get preachy, or Holier Than Thou Look At Me I Gave Away A Turkey….(which I hope it wasn’t)…I was going to write about how I am making pea salad to take to Scott’s Uncle’s House…does that make him my Uncle in Law? Anyway…pea’s amazing and I don’t feel like it is a holiday with out it. And I HATE peas..hate hate hate. I’m making it tomorrow morning….it’s delish.
I’ll post pictures along with the recipe tomorrow, but I thought I would post the recipe now, incase anyone was looking for that last minute side dish…

Mom’s Infamous Pea Salad
20 ounces frozen petite peas-thawed and uncooked
½ lb center cut bacon-cooked then crumbled or chopped.
2 green scallions
Dash of Lemon Juice
Dash of Season Salt
1 Tablesppon Light Mayo
½ cup fat free sour cream

1. Mix mayo & sour cream, set aside.
2. Stir gently peas, bacon, scallions, lemon juice & seasoned
3. Add mayo/sour cream gently stirring all ingredients.
4. Serve well chilled. (This is the magic ingredient)

Ok, seriously it is so good. And the second magic ingredient is the bacon. One time we tried to be really healthy and use turkey bacon, and it
This is so good that not only do I eat it with my pea hatred, but I also used to eat it when I was a vegetarian. Make it. Today…for tomorrow.

And I really will post pictures, maybe even PW style.


*Kelly* said...

Very nice entry! Well put...and good for you for giving away that turkey. We are way too material obsessed in this society, and rarely stop to look at the big picture. We quarrel of little, meaningless things, when there are people in this world who don't know where their next meal is coming from. I think we all need to stop and truly give thanks for what we've got...this year especially.