Monday, November 3, 2008

Baking Blunders: Banana Disaster

So, last week, or maybe it was the week before (im all thrown off with this jury duty thing), I found myself with a plethora of over ripe bananas! Since I had found my loaf pan since my I’d last baked banana bread, I figured I better give it a workout.

I set out to make banana bread….once again not double checking the recipe against the ACTUAL contents of my pantry, as opposed to the contents I ASSUMED I had!

This recipe called for three things I didn’t have: buttermilk, 2 cups of flour, and brown sugar.
Now you would think that I would have purchased some brown sugar after my last baking debacle, or I would have remembered that I was low on flour. Uh. Nope.

So, I wasn’t too worried about the buttermilk, I just mixed vinegar and normal milk together in the correct proportions. Don’t ask me what they are now.

Flour…well..I had already mixed the wet ingredients when I realized I didn’t have enough flour. So….I made oat flour. Or what I am calling oat flour, I dumped a cup of quick cooking oats in my food processor and went to town. It had the consistency of flour! That is good enough right?

Anyway, then sugar….I cut the sugar in half and just used white sugar.

So I mixed and everything was going swell, but I think I got a little excited about mixing and thought I was making cake, so the dough did not rise. At all. Overmixing curse.

Oh, I almost forgot another key fact. I had 1 extra over ripe banana, so I cut up some slices and placed them on top of the bread. I’ve seen this before, and it always looks beautiful and declicous. Those bananas? They sank.

And my bread stuck to the bottom of the loaf pan, even after extensive cooking spray.

And it looked like this.
Here is the bottom, scraped into a pasta dish.

Why did the banana chunks turn pink?

Seriously? Does anyone know? What chemical reaction happened here? Was it the vinegar?

I swear that I do actually know how to bake, and have sucessfully done it before, just uh, not recently


littlecalder said...

man, i hate discovering that i'm out of something half-way through making something! i guess the real question is not what it looks like, but how does it taste? cause if it tasted good, that's really all that matters!

Allison said...

It tasted Amazing!

littlecalder said...

hooray! then i'd call that a success! its all going to get squished up anyways! laughs