Friday, October 24, 2008

fake it till you make it

So I was just having the most intense "need" to eat a donut (yes there ares still some left). I even walked back to the break room and stood next to them.

But I walked away, and it was tough. I made my self sit at my desk and eat carrot sticks till it passed. It's gone now.

But it was's hard work this being healthy.


eliza said...

I just found your blog and find it very inspiring!! Its nice to know that other people struggle to eat right all the time.. For me, I had ice cream twice yesterday and feel yucky about it BUT I did wake up early to go work out!

I am happy you let yourself succumb to eating one single donut, and didnt feel the need to binge!

Janie said...

Good for you for walking away! I am struggling today too. I didn't eat that well over the weekend, it wasn't terrible, but not great. Whenever I have a day or two of not eating well, my body wants to say screw it! It's very hard to keep up the healthy attitude all the time. I always wonder how people like Kath & Jenna do it. Do they just not like fried fatty foods? You never see them eat them...

Allison said...

Thanks for your support.

Janie-Thanks! My weekend wasn't so hot, but that is ok. I had a hard time when I first started reading blogs not comparing myself to other bloggers. I had to remember that I am who I am, and my body functions differently than theirs, and it's wired differently. said...

LOL, sure Albert. Check this btw