Friday, October 24, 2008

Craving: Satisfied

So, I went back to the break room this morning to get my morning coffee and what do I see on the table? KRISPY KREME DONUTS! TWO dozen. TWO!

Ahhh....the test of healthy eating/ recovery from bingeing/sneaking. Do I have a donut? I'm not hungry (not that I would use a donut as a hunger satisfier), and I don't really need a donut. but I want one. I've wanted one all week. Why..i'm not sure. I know my body wasn't craving the NUTRIENTS in a donut. (ha ha ha)right.

I would have resisted until later, and made it part of my snack, but...they were warm. They had just been dropped off by a contractor.
So I had one. And it was amazing and melted in my mouth. I debated about taking a picture of it....but it was just too good to put down. So I went back and took a picture of the box. And you know what? I didn't take another donut, which I would have in the past. I'm not sitting here thinking about when and how I can sneak another one.

I will admit, that after I ate it, I did a quick calorie count. I don't normally count calories, but sometimes i like to know where I am at for the day. My breakfast was surprisingly calorie low, so even with the donut, I'm about where I normally am after a better breakfast.

So, my task/challenge whatever you want to call it, is to mindfully eat for the rest of the weekend. To not let this be the step up into the self launching catapult into bad eating.

I will eat rationally and out of choice. and I'll have a damn good time doing it!


Catherine said...

Good luck listening to your body in terms of hunger. That sounds like the ultimate temptation! I'm actually not big on sweets (I'm more into the salty foods), but I know my friend goes crazy over those things. You can do it!!

Janie said...

I know you can do it. My goal is mindful eating this weekend too. Weekends are the time when it is easiest to just say screw it and eat whatever you want, but we know better :-) Happy Friday!!

Allison said...

I never crave Salty things--sometimes I wish I did!

Janie-We can be accountable to ecahother. I know you can do it too!

Thanks for the encouragement both of you!

littlecalder said...

woo! yay for satisfying a craving but not letting it take control! i'm of the opinion that one should always have a damn good time eating, laughs.

*Kelly* said...

I caved into the pumpkin cheesecake this afternoon. And it wasn't just a taste either. But, what's done is done. Once you eat that portion, move on. I think that's something we all forget every now and then...we have this tendency to dwell on it, ya know?