Wednesday, October 22, 2008


oh man, yum.

Lately, I’ve been craving a donut. A good one. Donuts aren’t something that I eat on a regular basis, they are actually few and far between. For a few reasons:

1. If I eat a donut, my physical response to sugar triggers and I want to eat 10. And they just go down so easily!

2.If I eat a donut once, and it doesn’t catapult me off my “path-to-health” then I start to justify in my mind that it is ok to eat donuts more often. Which is really the same as me climbing into the catapult and yelling “let her rip….food binge here I come.”

3.They don’t have any, ANY, redeeming nutritional value. Obviously that is what makes them taste so.dang.good.

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Yesterday (or maybe it was this weekend, but I just read it yesterday) Kath posted an excerpt from Fit From Within, By Victoria Moran. A book that I read a few months ago. I enjoyed the book, but it wasn’t life changing for me. But seeing this quote “Nothing that you eat rationally, and out of choice, will interfere with the fit from within process.” Really made me think about my food choices and HOW I eat.

I am still working on wrapping my mind around this concept. Everything that goes in my mouth should be eaten rationally and out of choice. It is so easy when my blood sugar is low to eat whatever my hand grabs first, so that I can function. That eating isn’t done rationally or out of choice. Eating a donut, and eating it quickly and then eating another one of out the dozen, is not eating rationally and out of choice. That is eating that is driven by something else. Let’s call it Food “ID” psych 101 anyone?

Anyway….so for me the next step is being able to eat a donut on a Saturday morning, rationally and out of choice.