Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cold As Cereal?

For about a year I ate oatmeal for breakfast. Everyday. Hot outside/ cold outside didn’t matter. I was mostly eating at work, as I was working out before work at the gym. Oatmeal is pretty much the easiest thing ever to make at work.
But….and don’t hate me. It gets old. Now, if you are at home and you have wonderful variety at your fingertips, oatmeal can be a truly beautiful thing. So, now that I am eating at home everyday, and I can eat oatmeal with lots of loveley add-ins….I don’t want to.

I know, I know. I probably have it once a week. Sometimes a big bowl of warm carby goodness is just too much for my stomach. So…I’ve been “trying” out other breakfasts. (they are mostly variations on what my oatmeal was anyway: carb, fruit and nuts or nut butter).Anyway, my absolute favorite breakfast this summer was Kashi Go Lean Crunch (Honey Almonds and Flax) with a sliced banana and 3 or 4 walnut halves on top. With milk
I had pretty much given up on cereal as a viable option when I started eating healthy and paying attention to my nutrition. I just didn’t think that I could find one with enough protein/fiber that would keep my full long enough. Wrong. This breakfast keeps me full as long as, if not longer sometimes than oatmeal. And it’s so good.

Do you like my bowl?

It is my favorite bowl to eat cereal or oatmeal out of. About a year and a half ago my husband and I had a date night at one of those ‘Paint your own Pottery” studios. We got to go in and pick out a piece for ourselves, and then the other person painted it. I chose this cereal bowl. Neither of us are artists, so these are really the type of bowls that you love for what they represent. You can see this side says I heart you, if you follow the bowl around it says “ you are my sunshine” using the same “ u” and a picture of the sun to represent sunshine. :)



Catherine said...

Cute bowl!! I love paint your own pottery places... that's where I got my favorite cereal bowl too!

GoLean crunch is certainly filling... although it normally bothers my stomach. Then again I tend to pour it in my bowl as if it's normal cereal like cheerios - which clearly it is not.

Allison said...

Thanks! I LOVE that bowl. GoLeanCrunch doesn't hurt my stomach, but eating it does require a little more thought than the bowls and bowls of "normal" cereal that I can consume in one sitting!