Thursday, September 4, 2008

tic tock banana rock...

So, I don't understand my body. I try to listen to my body and only eat when I'm hungry. I try to eat before I get ravenous and go on a crazy eating rampage when I walk in the door from my commute home.
But I don't understand how my lunch, never holds me as long as my breakfast. Seriously....I figure it has to be in my mind like 80% of the time.
I try to make sure that I get enough protein, carbs and fat so that my body feels satisfied and full longer. But....Lunch just never sticks with my like breakfast.
Today for Breakfast I had this:
1 whole wheat bagel-
2 tbsp cashew butter
1 banana
80z 1% milk.

I ate that at 7:15am. I was hungry for a snack around 10:45. I ate a HUGE nectarine. I had also brought a string cheese with me, but opted against it as I was only hungry for it about 20 minute before my lunch.

For lunch I had this:
1 can Amy's lowfat black bean soup
1/2 a whole wheat bagel with string cheese melted on top (don't you love how cheese tastes more decadent and amazing when it's been melted!?!)
1 small red bell peper
1 medium carrot.
I ate that at 12:30
I started feeling hungry (And bloated at the same time. what?) at about 1:40pm.

I don't count calories, but neither of those meals are low cal. I haven't done any strenuous physical activity since my workout this morning.
But now I'm hungry.
I don't get it.